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MVCS Student Handbook
Revised June 20, 2017
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Achievement Test Information ……...………………………………     16 
Admissions ……………………………………………………………      5
Administrator’s Comment ……………………………………………    23
Age Requirements ……………………………………………………….. 5
Articles of Faith ………………………………………………………..     2
Attendance ……………………………………………………………       6
Board Members ………………………………………………………….   2
Books ……………………………………………………………..……      9
Cell Phone Policy ................……………………………………....... .10
Communicable Disease Policy ……………………………………..… 18
Conduct ……………………..…………………………………………… 12
Cost and Fee Schedule ……………………………………………….   22
Discipline ……...………………………………………………………     12
Dress & Hair Code ………..…………………………………….…        19-20
Lunches & School office hours...................................................   20
Emergency Procedures ………………………………………..………   9
Enrollment Procedures …………………………………………………   6
Faculty ……………………………………………………………….….   9
Fees, Financial Protocol, Contributions………………………………  21
Fund raising ……………………………………………………...……..  21
Grading Information ……………………………………………..…….   13
Graduation Course Requirements ……………………………………   17
Homework ……………………………………………………………..    15
Honor Roll ……………………………………………………………..    16
Junior & Senior High, Academic Information ……………………...   15
Lockers …………………………………………………………………   10
Make-Up Work ………………………………………………………..    14
Materials ……………………………………………………………….    9
Medication …………………………………………………………….    18
MVCS Honor Society ……………………………………………….     15
Parent Involvement …………………………………………………..    8
Philosophy of Education ……………………………………………...  1
Pick up/drop off of Children… ………………………………………… 8
Promotion ………………………………………………………………   16
Purpose of Handbook…………………………………………………… 1
School Cancellations …………………………………………………… 9
School History ………………………………………………………….. 1
Spiritual and Educational Objectives ……………………………       4
Student Drivers ………………………….……………………..……….11
Students Leaving School During the Day …………………………..  8
Tardy ……………………………………………………………………   7
Transcripts ……………………………………………………………   15
Visiting the School and Classrooms ………………………..…………8
Withdrawal / Dismissal from School ………………………..……. . . .7  

It is the purpose of this handbook to explain to the parents and students of Mid-Valley Christian School our basic philosophy of education and discipline. Policies that will direct our relationship together throughout the year will also be discussed. If any problems or situations arise which are not discussed in this handbook, the administration and faculty will determine the course of action necessary to correct the problem. We trust this handbook will provide you with the information that will lead to a successful school year.  


Mid-Valley Christian School began as a ministry of Rejoicing Life Church (RLCS) in August of 1985. The Pastor, Board of Elders and others were on the committee that organized the school’s opening. The school operates under a Governing board consisting of the Pastor, Board of Elders, School Board and Administrator. The school opened in August of 1985 with 22 students in grades 1-5 and 1 teacher. Grades and teachers were added the following year. 

All classes are conducted in the facilities owned by Rejoicing Life Church.  
Mid-Valley Christian School began with a commitment of offering a Christ-centered education of highest academic standards. Mid-Valley Christian School seeks to continue this tradition.

Mid-Valley Christian School exists primarily to assist parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to train and develop each child to his or her fullest potential as a creation of God. This is achieved by producing Godly character through high academic standards, socialization skills, development of self-controlled bodies, and a deep sense of who God is and who they are in the kingdom of God. It is our goal that each child develop his or her full potential mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. It is the school’s objective to provide a safe environment conducive to the creative and abstract thinking that our God has gifted every child with a genius of discovery.

With the basis that God is the center of all truth and the Creator of all, students will relate to science as God’s creation, geography as God’s handiwork, history and mathematics as God’s orderliness and absolute truth, music and art as God’s beauty and tools for worship, reading skills as a means toward understanding God’s Word, and physical education and health as a responsibility in caring for God’s temple.

Mid-Valley Christian School is governed by a school board consisting of Godly men and women who are not only submitted to a local church, but are submitted to Rejoicing Life Church board. This school board includes Mid-Valley Christian School parents, local business owners, supporters & administrator and may also include members of Rejoicing Life Church and other local churches involved in MVCS. This board oversees the everyday operations of Mid-Valley Christian School. 

Board Members are as follows:

Mrs. Matt Lyons – President  
Ms. Norma Torres – Vice President  
Mrs. Kathy Rice – Treasurer  
Dr. Richard Sargent- Bookkeeper
Mr. Dan Swab- Secretary
Mrs. Maggie Biggs- Finances and Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Melissa Dailey - Administrator


A. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, and accept the same as the 
  only infallible guide and rule of our faith and practice. Scripture References: 
  Matt. 24:35; Psalms 119:89; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Peter 1:19-21

B. We believe in the eternal omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and immutable  
  triune God. Maker of heaven and earth, and all that is in them; and in the unity of 
  the Godhead. There are three Persons, equal in every divine perfection, and 
  attribute, executing distinct, but harmonious offices, in the great work of  
  redemption. Scriptural References: 1 John 5:7; Genesis 1:26; 2 Corinthians 13:14

  1. God the Father - Isaiah 43:10; Isaiah 44:8; John 3:16

2. God the Son - Co-existent an co-eternal with the Father, who was conceived
  by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, took upon Himself the form of
  man; and by His becoming obedient unto death, bearing the curse of sin, 
  sickness, and sorrow; redeemed into heaven, where He sits on the right hand
  of God The Father, where He ever lives to make intercession for us.  
  John 1:1-3; Matthew 1:23; 1 Timothy 2:5; Ephesians 2:18

3. God the Holy Spirit - The third Person of the Godhead, co-existent and equal
  with the Father, sent by the Father through the Son, to reprove the world of sin
  and prepare the bride of Christ. John 14:26; John 15:26; John 16:8
C. The Fall of Man - Genesis 1:27; Romans 5:12; Romans 5:19; Isaiah 53:6;
  Romans 3:10; Romans 3:23

D. The Plan of Redemption - We believe that Christ was the Lamb of God, 
  foreordained from the foundation of the world, and by the shedding of His Blood on 
  the cross, made provision for salvation for all men.  
  1 Peter 1:19-20; Isaiah 53:5; Titus 2:14; Hebrews 7:25 

E. The New Birth - We believe because of man’s total inability to save himself,
  salvation is by God’s grace ALONE; is received through sincere Godly 
  repentance and a wholehearted acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior;
  through being born-again. We become a new creature in Christ, all things are 
  passed away and behold all have become new.
  John 3:3; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:24

F. FINAL JUDGMENT - We believe in the final judgment of the wicked at the Great White Throne, when the dead, great and small shall be resurrected to stand before God to receive the reward of their deeds in the flesh.  
  Matthew 13:41-43; Rev. 20: 11-15

G. Hell - We believe Hell is a literal place of outer darkness, bitter sorrow, remorse 
  and woe, prepared by God for the devil and his angels and that there, into the lake 
  that burns with fire and brimstone, shall be cast the unbelieving, the murderers, the
  sorcerers, idolaters, all liars, and those who have rejected the name of Jesus Christ
  whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  
  Rev. 20:10, & 14-15; Rev. 21:7-8; Matthew 25:41

H. Heaven - We believe that heaven is the habitation of the Living God. For Christ has
  gone to prepare a place for all of His children, where they shall dwell eternally in
  happiness and security with Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9; John 14:2; Rev. 22:5  

I. Evangelism - We believe that as long as conditions indicate that the coming of 
  Jesus Christ draweth nigh, we His redeemed children, should put forth our utmost
  efforts to the promulgation of the Gospel to every kindred, tribe, and tongue.

J. Church Relationship - We believe that every born-again child of God should identify
  himself with the visible church of Jesus Christ and should labor diligently, and 
  contribute his temple means toward the spreading of the Gospel here on earth. We
  believe that all the tithe should be given into the storehouse of the Lord, which is
  the local church. Hebrews 10:24; Acts 2:47; Malachi 3:8 


1. To lead students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (John 1:12; Matt. 16:26).
2. To teach the Bible as God’s Inspired, Incarnate Word and to develop attitudes
 of love and respect toward it (Deut. 4:10; 6:6).
3. To develop a desire in the student to know and obey the will of 
  God (Matt. 26:39).
4. To equip the student to carry out the will of God daily (I Thess. 4:3-12; 
  I Tim. 4:12).
5. To encourage the student’s love for Christ (Eph. 3:19).
6. To guide the student in learning the principles of standing alone (Dan. 1:18)
7. To develop the mind of Christ in each student and to teach students how to 
 overcome sin (John 16:33).
8. To train students to stand for Biblical convictions (Ps. 119:46; Prov. 1:10)
9. To teach students the importance of examining everything in the light of 
 God’s Word (I Cor. 11:28).
10. To encourage the development of self-discipline and responsibility 
  (Acts 24:16; I Cor. 11:28).  
11. To train leaders who will be faithful servants of God (I Cor. 4:2)
12. To develop a sense of responsibility in placing God first in the student’s
 life (Matt. 6:33; Prov. 9:9-10).
13. To encourage the students to recognize the importance that a Bible-believing
  local church plays in the life of a family (Heb. 10:25; Psa. 122:1.)
14. To help students see in the light of Scripture their responsibility of telling
 others about the Lord (Matt. 28:18-20).
15. To help students develop good interpersonal relationships with faculty,
 students, and family (Rom. 12:18).
16. To give our students a solid academic foundation in the fundamentals of  
  of learning geared for the average to above average student along with
  Christian training taught from a Biblical point of view (Col. 3:16, 17).
17. To stimulate an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation.
18. To promote proper physical and social development (Luke 2:52).
19. To instill a knowledge of and appreciation for our cultural heritage
 (Prov. 14:34; 22:28).


The Curriculum: 
1. God is the source of all wisdom and He has revealed Himself specifically 
in the Bible – thus God’s Word is the basis of all our studies and should
be correlated with all experiences that the child has under the auspices
of the school.
2. Christian education seeks to train a child in such a way that he will have
a sound, practical working knowledge of the Word of God and be able
to evaluate every circumstance of life from a Christian perspective.
3. The home and church, being ordained of God and being charged with 
the responsibility of training and teaching (Deut. 6:6, Matthew 28:20),
should work together with the Christian School in promoting the 
student’s growth.

The Teacher:
1. The teacher in the Christian School must give evidence of knowing Christ
as personal Savior.
2. The teacher must be wholly committed to following and obeying Christ;
thus being wholly committed to a life of service for Christ’s sake.
3. The teacher should possess academic and professional training necessary 
to perform his task.

  Pre-school -- Begins 8:20am Dismisses 3:00pm 
Kindergarten --Begins 8:20am Dismisses 3:00pm
Grades 1-12 -- Begins 8:20am Dismisses 3:00pm
  Students should be picked up promptly. See After School Policy on page 8.
* A parent, guardian or transportation provider MUST pick the child up inside the building. THE STUDENT WILL ONLY BE DISMISSED ACCORDING TO THE TRANSPORTATION LIST. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


MVCS admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students
at Mid-Valley Christian School. It does not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, athletics, and other administered programs.

Pre-school students must be 3 years old by September 30th and must be potty trained.
Not all children are ready for Pre-school at this age. If staff deems necessary, Mid-Valley staff will conduct a screening to help parents make a wise decision.

All students seeking to enter MVCS (current or new) must submit the following information to the Administrator for review and MUST have an interview.

1) Completed application forms
2) A copy of the most recent report card or school transcript
3) A copy of the child’s birth certificate
4) A signed student pledge
5) A copy of the child’s immunization record
6) A signed discipline agreement form
7) A Driver’s Responsibility Form (for drivers)
8) Pay all Fees, Tuition and Fund Raising Fees
9) Complete Probationary Contract
10) Interview for current and possible new students.
11) Complete Harassment, Bullying Policy.
12) Meet for individual family orientation.


There is probably no factor more important to successful school progress than regular school attendance. Students who are absent excessively from the instructional program will fall behind in academic achievement. Excessive school absenteeism of over 24 days, can precede grade failure, loss of interest, and may result in students withdrawing from school. Mid-Valley Christian School reserves the right to retain a student who accumulates too many absences at the same grade level. Excessive absences affect a student’s grade and could place his or her promotion in jeopardy. Upon missing 6 days of school per quarter, parents will be required to meet with the administrator. Students are ONLY permitted to miss (6) days of absences per quarter. EMERGENCIES are the only exception.

ALL absences require a written excuse. If we do not receive an excuse, it will be counted as unexcused. All unexcused absences will result in zeros for the day. An extended illness (more than 3 days) or a contagious illness will require a doctor’s statement regarding the nature of the illness upon returning to school.  

Withdrawals from school must be made through the school office. Written notice in advance of a withdrawal is expected so that a withdrawal / transfer form may be prepared. No records will be transferred while there still is an outstanding balance on the student’s account. Withdrawal Forms are located in the school office.

MVCS encourages cooperation from both students and parents in the education of the student. In addition, if the student’s behavior or attitude indicates an uncooperative spirit or one that is out of harmony with the spirit or standards of the school, whether or not there is any definite breach of conduct, he may be requested to withdraw.

Students are expected to be on time. The tardiness of any Elementary or High School student requires a parent or guardian to sign them in at the school office before going to his or her class. Students who are continually late to school and miss portions of the first period will be counted present for the day but could possibly lose credit for the first period class. (3) tardies per quarter will be excused. After 3 tardies each quarter, then every (5) tardies will become a (1) day absent. MVCS understands that parents providing transportation can make it difficult at times to get a child to school on time. We want to be considerate and understanding of your situation. Let us work together to be more consistent with our timing and scheduling, so that we can get our kids to school at the correct time.

Any student arriving late or leaving early, must be signed in or out at the office. Only the parent or an authorized person on the transportation list may sign the child in or out. Those students who drive who need to leave early must have written permission from the parent or they will not be permitted to leave the school grounds. Those students who drive and arrive late without written permission from their parent will be sent home unexcused for the day.  


ONCE A STUDENT ARRIVES ON CAMPUS, HE IS CONSIDERED IN SCHOOL. Leaving the campus without permission, even before school officially starts, or at the end of the day before dismissal time, will be considered skipping. 

 Student's will only be permitted to leave school with those on the transportation list.

If a student drives and must leave before 3:00pm, he must have written permission from a parent.  
No VERBAL permission will be accepted.



Do not send friends or relatives (other than those listed on the Transportation Form) to pick up your child. This is for the protection of the child. We will NOT allow your child to go home with anyone other than those on the list. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! (Pre-school - 12th grade) You must come inside to pick your child up!!

Any elementary OR high school student that is tardy (8:21) must have a parent sign them in at the school office before going to class. You must use front glass door entrance after 8:20am.

Any student leaving campus for any reason during the day must be signed out by a parent or designated person. The sign-out sheet will be located in the office. If a student returns during the same day, the parent or designated person must sign them back in.

Parents are always welcome at MVCS. Parents who come to school during normal school hours for any reason are asked to go directly to the school office and identify themselves. All visitors to a classroom must make an advanced appointment and sign in at the office. You will receive a Visitor's Pass. This includes stopping at the office for parties, to check in.

Parent-Teacher conferences must be scheduled with the classroom teachers at their convenience.

The faculty and administration encourage parents of our students to remain actively involved in their child’s education. Parents should feel free to contact their child’s teachers to discuss progress, after school hours. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU CAN SPEAK WITH STAFF IN THE MORNINGS. WE MUST STAY ON SCHEDULE.

We MUST have parent participation with activities and fund raising. It is our desire to keep tuition cost as low as we can. Our staff is so busy and we cannot continue to ask them to leave the classroom or to stay long hours after school without compensating them. If we can get teams of parents and family members to help with our activities and fund raising, less stress will be on the staff. Enrollment at MVCS will require volunteer hours from parents, family or friends of each child! From my heart I am asking you to please get involved. We need you!
I want Mid-Valley Christian School to be available for our children for many years to come. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to assist our school.
Mrs. Melissa D. Dailey - Administrator  

All faculty members of MVCS are approved academically, morally, spiritually, and physically by the School administration before they join the faculty. The foremost requirement for teachers at MVCS are an unselfish dedication to Christian education, a sincere love for children, a love for the parents and grandparents of the children, and a complete devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: MVCS is developing a Crisis Management Plan. Fire alarms are placed in each classroom. Students are to move quickly from the building in a straight line without talking, running, crowding, or touching each other. Upon reaching the proper distance from the building (designated by the teacher), the students should turn and face the building and listen to roll call. Fire drill routes are posted in each classroom.

To simplify it for everyone concerned, MVCS school cancellations, delays or early dismissal will be as follows: You may watch WSAZ or WCHS to find out if there is a delay or cancellation. We will make every attempt to contact you by phone in the event of an early dismissal. Please have an alternate contact person and number in case we cannot reach you.

Students are expected to have in their possession and bring to class all necessary class material and tools including notebooks, paper, pens, and pencils, rulers, compasses, protractors, etc.  

CD players, video games, I Pods, MP3 players, and other electronic equipment are NOT allowed during school hours unless a teacher needs to use them for class assignments. No Jr. or Sr. high student may access the Internet at any time, using any of these devices. School computers are to be used for educational purposes only. MVCS is not liable for any inappropriate sites that may appear during the students’ viewing. In addition, games, weapons, knives, and immoral or questionable reading material are not to be brought on campus. Normally, there is no need to bring periodicals or magazines for reading. The student’s teacher must approve reading books brought on campus.

The safekeeping of books is the responsibility of the student to whom they belong. They should be handled with care. They should not be written in, marked on, or pages folded. Any damage to textbooks beyond normal wear will be paid for by the parents. If a text is lost or destroyed, the parent will be billed for the total replacement cost.  

ELEMENTARY: Students K- 6th grade are permitted to bring cell phones ONLY on field trips.
GRADES 7 – 12: Cell phones MUST be turned off and placed in the cell phone drop box as soon as they enter the school. This is the student’s responsibility. Phones may not be on the body at anytime between school entrance and 3:00pm. Teachers have cell phones and there are phones in the office. NOTE: If students drive to school and you wish for them to have a cell phone, they must follow the guidelines above.  


The phone will be confiscated, a parent MUST pick the phone up from the office, and a $20.00 fine must be paid before the phone will be released to the parent. The child MUST attend a 1 hour After School Detention, and the parent MUST pay a $8.00 compensation fee to the teacher for services rendered at the time of the detention.
He or she may NOT return to school until the fee has been paid.

The phone will be confiscated, a parent MUST pick up the phone from the office, and a $25.00 fine must be paid before the phone will be released to the parent. The child MUST attend a 2 hour After School Detention, and the parent MUST pay a $16.00 compensation fee to the teacher for services rendered at the time of the detention.
He or she may NOT return to school until the fee has been paid.

The phone will be confiscated, a parent MUST pick up the phone from the office, and a $30.00 fine must be paid before the phone will be released to the parent. The child MUST attend a 3 hour After School Detention, and the parent MUST pay a $24.00 compensation fee to the teacher for services rendered at the time of the detention. He or she may NOT return to school until the fee has been paid.

*Any other violations and the student loses all privileges of bringing their phone to school, and he or she may be dismissed from Mid-Valley Christian School.

Some students will be furnished with a locker at the beginning of the year in which to store their books and other belongings. No items are to be placed on top of the lockers. Lockers are to be kept clean and uncluttered. Books and personal belongings left in the hall or left overnight will be placed in the lost and found. If not retrieved by the end of the quarter then they will become school property.


1. All students who drive to school must obtain permission from the  
school office.  
2. Cars must be parked at the designated place upon arrival at school.
3. Student drivers must file a record of their driver’s license and current 
insurance information with the school office.
4. Students must have full insurance coverage to drive cars to school.  
5. Students must observe all posted speed zones and follow regular
traffic patterns.  
6. Students may not be in or go to cars in the parking lot during
school hours. NO EXCEPTIONS  
7. Students may not sit in their cars with other students before,
during or after school. Students must leave the campus 
  immediately after school.  
8. Students violating school regulations regarding the use of automobiles
may be denied permission for car use.
9. Students should always lock cars parked on the school grounds. The 
school is not responsible for stolen items.
10. Students are not permitted to ride with any other student unless PRIOR WRITTEN (NO ORAL PERMISSION WILL BE ALLOWED) permission has been approved by administration.
11. Parents are required to complete a Driver’s Responsibility Form.

Violation of any of the above requests WILL cause a student to lose his/her driving
privileges for one full semester.

Chapel services are held once weekly with special speakers, faculty, and students participating in the programs. From time to time, there will be special musical and educational programs. Parents are encouraged to visit any chapel service. Mid-Valley Christian School honors, respects and worships our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We encourage and lead your child to do the same. Join us on Wednesdays at 8:30 am.

The school office is a place of business during the school hours. Students having business for the school office should arrange to have it done before school or during their lunch hour. School phones are for business use only and are not for students unless an emergency arises and permission has been obtained. PLEASE KNOCK AND ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE ENTERING THE OFFICE.

CONDUCT:MVCS is here for parents who wish to train their children to love and serve the Lord while getting a solid and complete educational foundation. We realize children are just children. MVCS supports showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow-students. Attending Mid-Valley Christian School is a privilege. Constructive suggestions are always welcomed.  
Discipline problems are handled in the following ways: warning to students,infractions,
notes and phone calls to parents, parent-teacher-administrator
conferences, probation, detention, suspension, or expulsion.

In MVCS, these FIVE basic rules must be followed:

1. No student will be out of his seat without permission.
2. No student will speak out in class without permission.
3. Students will always address and reply to teachers with utmost respect.
4. Students will always address and reply to parents, volunteers and each other, with the utmost respect
5. Students will have 3 min to get items from lockers and back to their seats 

The Bible teaches respect for authority, (Colossians 3:20; Romans 13:1a; Hebrews 13:17a) and it requires discipline for children (Proverbs 6:23; Proverbs 13:24; Proverbs 29:15,17). If we discipline ourselves, it is not necessary for others to discipline us.

A teacher needs to be able to have full AUTHORITY in his or her classroom.  In order to remain in authority the teacher needs to be empowered to perform the duties and discipline needed in his or her classroom.  If a teacher’s authority is taken away he or she will eventually become non-effective. 

Parents and teachers must cooperate fully with one another. Anything said or done which tears down respect and confidence for either party will harm the child and will not be permitted. When there is a misunderstanding, the parent should take it quickly to the teacher. Often a conference or even a note will clear up the difficulty. Should the problem remain after this has been done, then feel free to consult with the administrator.
Whenever possible, conferences should be arranged during a teacher’s regular working hours. The school board and pastor support school decisions. Clear communication between parents and staff is one of the keys to successful learning.

A student presenting a discipline problem may be put on probation, suspended or expelled. Some reasons for probation or suspension that could lead to expulsion include:
1. Continued deliberate disobedience.
2. A rebellious spirit that is unchanged after extended effort by the teachers.
3. A continued negative attitude and bad influence upon other students.
4. Insufficient academic progress.
5. A serious breach of conduct inside or outside of the school.
6. Continued failure of the parents to comply with the disciplinary procedures of
the school.
7. Students may be expelled without previous warning. NOT AN EXCLUSIVE LIST!!



The following has been adopted as the grading scale for all work done at MVCS:

Letter Grades Percentage Grades Grade Points

A +                      100 – 99                  4.0
A                          98 – 96                   3.7
A-                         95 – 93                   3.3

B+                        92 – 90                   3.0
B                          89 – 87                   2.7
B-                         86 – 85                   2.3

C+                        84 – 82                   2.0
C     `                    81 – 78                   1.7
C-                         77 – 73                   1.3

D+                        72 - 71                    1.0
D                          70 – 67                   0.7
D-                         66 – 65                   0.4

F                          64 - 0                      0.0



Grades will be issued at the end of each nine-week period. At that point, the teachers will assess each student’s ability, attitude, and application of skills. Progress reports will be sent home for students during the middle of the grading period. The purpose of this report will be for parents to evaluate their child’s grades and to take whatever action necessary to make improvements and to praise their child’s successes. Parents who wish to discuss the progress of the child are encouraged to schedule a conference with the teacher.  


1. The academic year at MVCS is divided into four nine-week grading periods. Teachers are required to administer at least two tests and one nine-week exam during this grading period. The year-end exam covers materials for the entire year.
2. All students in grades 7-12 will be required to take final examinations if the subject requires it, as directed by the teacher. (Teacher's discretion)
3. Tests must be made up at the discretion of the subject-area teacher. Students who fail to make up work within the teacher’s given time period will be given a zero on the test.


It is the responsibility of the student with an excused absence to obtain and turn in the missed assignments from the teacher(s). It is also the responsibility of the student to obtain any missed class notes from another student. All work needs to be made up in the following manner: One day absent – one day to make up work, two days absent – two days to make up work, etc. This DOES NOT include work that is has been assigned in advance. ONLY work assigned on day of absence.
* If a parent wishes to receive a child’s make up work they must request it by 10:00am to receive it by 3:00pm on the same day. Any requests received after 10:00am will be sent home the following day. 

If the absence is unexcused, the student will not be allowed to make up graded homework or quizzes and will be given a zero for each graded assignment or quiz. The student will be allowed to make up a test with a 10-point penalty for each unexcused day he or she was absent, up to a maximum penalty of 50 points. Remember students are ONLY allowed 6 days of absences per quarter. Anything after that is unexcused. EMERGENCIES are the only exception.


MVCS believes that homework is vital to the student’s development academically. It stimulates independence and self-direction. It reinforces school learning through practice and provides and opportunity to spend extra time on worthwhile school activities or projects. Homework acquaints parents with what the child is learning and affords them an opportunity to help their child. Homework assignments must be completed and handed in on the day designated by the teacher. Parents should check to see that all homework is completed and all books are returned to the classroom. IT IS UP TO EACH INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTOR'S POLICY ON HOW HE/SHE ACCEPTS MAKE-UP WORK. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE TEACHER FOR THEIR POLICIES.

Transcripts are furnished upon request if all fees and payments are up-to-date. We gladly send an official transcript to any institution of higher learning upon request. You MUST allow 7 days notice for records and transcripts to be prepared and released!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Each student will receive 1 complimetary transcript. Additional transcripts are available upon request for a $10.00 fee per transcript.


This section is designed to provide the parents and students of MVCS information regarding course offerings and the school’s academic requirements for graduation. We do strive to excel in the thoroughness of the presentation of all materials taught in the classroom. Any student who is willing to apply himself satisfactorily, and do what is required of him by the teacher can expect to do well in the school. Students who have such motivation should make the transition into college quite easily. Our courses have been carefully developed to prepare our students for entrance into college. With a strong commitment to the Bible and solid coverage of language, math, and the sciences, we feel that our students should be adequately equipped for a challenging future. We remind our parents and students that we teach all classes in light of the Word of God. We believe the Bible gives a scriptural admonition to … train up a child in the way he should go … (Proverbs 22:6) and that … The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom … (Proverbs 9:10). These convictions affect the academic orientation of all classes taught at Mid-Valley Christian School. It is our desire that each student – with the encouragement of his parents – works hard and does his very best at the task that has been set before him. Although graduation may seem a long way in the future, hard work and perseverance now will reap dividends when the student has successfully completed all requirements and the diploma is in hand!


MVCS has a detailed testing program designed to measure the student’s abilities and progress. We are proud members of ACSI.

All elementary, middle and high school students are given achievement tests in the spring of each year to measure their achievement in areas of English, math, science, and social studies. The Terra-Nova Achievement Test Series/and or Stanford is the testing instrument used for this purpose. All student responses are electronically scored. These results will be mailed to you. Seniors do not take the Terra-Nova Test.

Seniors who plan to enter college are required to take either the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Test) before graduation. Students are guided by MVCS staff, regarding college testing requirements, grants, loans and other college considerations. It is the student/parent's final responsibility for all college testing, inquiries, loans, grants, FASFA and Etc.

1. Students who earn straight “A’s” without any absences during a grading period will be named to the Principal’s List, which includes a small reward.
2. Students who earn an “A” average (GPA greater than or equal to 3.3) will be listed on the A Honor Roll.
3. Students who earn “B” average (GPA greater than or equal to 2.3) will be listed on the B Honor Roll.
4. Students who maintain Honor Roll Status throughout the entire school year will be recognized.

For a student to be promoted to the next grade, he or she must have successfully passed all academic subjects. Meet the requirements of the Attendance Policy. If the student fails any two of his or her core classes, he or she will be retained: he or she may be asked to repeat the grade or be required to be successfully tutored for the summer. If a child is on the borderline academically and displays a distinct lack of maturity for his or her age, he or she may be asked to repeat the grade. High School students are required to pass each of their courses in order to earn credits. If they fail a course they will be required to retake the course. It can be over the summer if approved by staff and administration.

Graduates who have a final grade point average of 3.25 or above (on a 4.0 scale) will be graduated with honors.

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian from the graduating class will not be chosen based on the academic record alone. Citizenship, attitude, cooperation, and similar factors will be considered by the administration in making this choice.  

In order for a student to obtain a high school diploma, he or she must successfully earn a minimum of 24 academic credits in Grade 9-12. Each Senior Must pass an OGT or required Ohio State Test in order to receive a diploma. Any student not passing an OGT test may receive a Completion Certificate from MVCS, and may be required to get a GED.

Minimum Requirements to graduate:
English language arts 4 units
Health ½ unit 
Mathematics 4 units (1)
Physical education ½ unit (2)
Science 3 units (3) 
Social studies 3 units (4)  
Electives 5 units (5) 
Bible 4 units
Other requirements (6)
MVCS requires each student to accumulate a minimum of 16 Community Service hours. Grades 7-12.  
(1) Mathematics units must include 1 unit of algebra II or equivalent of algebra II.
(2) The Ohio Core allows school districts to adopt a policy that would exempt students who participate in interscholastic athletics, band or cheer leading for two full seasons from physical education requirement. Students must take another course of at least 60 contact hours in its place.
(3) Science units must include 1 unit of physical science, advanced biology or other life science; astronomy, physical geology, or other earth or space science.
(4) Social studies units must include ½ unit of American history and ½ unit of American Government.
(5) Electives units must include one or any combination of foreign language, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family and consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science or social studies courses not otherwise required.
(6) All students must receive instruction in economics and financial literacy during grades 9-12 and must complete at least two semesters of fine arts taken any time in grades 7-12. Students following a career-technical pathway are exempted from the fine arts requirement.

Requirements for graduation begin in ninth grade. For each full-time, annual course that is successfully completed during the school year, one credit will be awarded. Completion of a semester course will receive one-half credit. A minimum grade of a “D“ is required to receive a unit of credit. Any student receiving an “F’ can receive credit toward graduation by successfully completing offered classes the following year. Other alternatives include repeating the course in summer school or taking a correspondence course from an approved, academic institution. Such a course must correspond closely to the subject failed and be approved by the administration. All academic courses attempted are included in the computation of a student’s GPA. 

Students are not to come to school if they are running a fever or are too ill to maintain their daily schedule. Students who become ill while at school will be sent to the school office. The parents will be called to come and pick up the student. If a student suffers a serious injury at school, we will call for immediate medical assistance and then attempt to notify the parents. For minor injuries, an attempt will be made to reach the parents first for their instruction. Due to liability ONLY prescription medicine accompanied by a Doctors note will be administered by a staff member in the office. NO over the counter medicine can be administered by staff. If you wish as a parent, you may come to the office and administer non-prescription medicine to your child, or if they are sick and need non-prescription medication you may keep them home.

MVCS desires to maintain a healthful school environment by institution controls designed to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. The term “communicable disease” shall mean an illness that arises because of a specific infectious agent that may be transmitted either directly or indirectly from a susceptible host or infected person or animal to other persons.

A teacher or administration official who reasonably suspects that a student or employee has a communicable disease shall immediately notify the administrator.
Any student or employee with a communicable disease for which immunization is required by law or is available shall be temporarily excluded from school while ill and during recognized periods of communicability. Students and employees with communicable diseases for which immunization is not available shall be excluded from school while ill. MVCS reserves the right to make all final decisions necessary to enforce its communicable disease policy and to take all necessary action to control the spread of communicable diseases within the school.

Communicable disease include (but are not limited to), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Aids Related Complex (ARC), Amerasian, Animal bite of Humans only by a potentially rabid animal, Anthrax, Botulism, Brucellosis, Campylobacteriosis, Chancroid, Dengue, Diphtheria, Encephalitis, Giardiaasis (acute), Gonorrhea, Granuloma Inquinale, Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy), Hemorrhagic Fevers, Hepatitis, Histoplasmosis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Legionnaire’s Disease, Leptospirosis, Lymphogranuloma Venereeum, Malaria, Measles (Rubella), Meningitis, Meningococcal Disease, Mumps, Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, Pertussis, Pesticide Poisoning, Plague, Poliomyelitis, Psittacosis, Rabies, Relapsing Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever R., Rickkettsia, Rubella (including congenital), Salmonellosis, Schistosomiasis, Shigellosisi, Smallpox, Syphilis, tetanus, Toxoplasmosisi (acute), Trichinosis, Tuberculosis, Tularemia, Typhoid Fever, Typhus, Vibrio, Cholera, Vibrio Infections, and Yellow Fever.


Since “Fad and Fashions” are constantly changing, the administration reserves the right to determine what is acceptable in the area of hairstyles or accessories. Anything that in our judgment is likely to distract or disturb other students and hinder the educational environment we desire to build in our school we reserve the right to correct.

Boys: Dress pants or khakis, polo or button up shirts. NO JEANS!!
Girls: Dresses, skirts, dress pants, dress Capri, skorts, MUST touch the ground while kneeling. NO JEANS.

No see-through, spaghetti strap or low cut shirts or blouses are permitted. Sleeves must be 2 adult fingers wide. No midriff is to show at any time. Skirts, dresses and shorts are to TOUCH the ground while kneeling. NO T-SHIRTS UNLESS MVCS SHIRTS

Shirts are not required to be tucked in. No muscle shirts. NO T-SHIRTS UNLESS MVCS SHIRTS

NO SKINNY or TIGHT jeans will be permitted, undergarments must be covered at ALL times. NO sweats of any kind are permitted. No jeans on CHAPEL day!!!!

MVCS spirit ware can be worn anytime except Chapel days. ONLY be worn the last No sweats of any kind are allowed!!
NO demonic symbols on clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes.

NO hoodies OR zip up sweat jackets are permitted during chapel or in the classroom. 
Sleep pants,sweats, yoga pants, are NOT permitted at any time. Leggings can only be worn under dresses that touch the floor when kneeling.
Any kind of sandals, tennis shoes or shoes may be worn as long as they are not a distraction. Distracting clothes or shoes will cause a parent to be called to the school with an appropriate change of clothes for the student. If parent refuses to bring clothes to the office will provide appropriate clothing and child can be dismissed from school due to parents lack of cooperation.


Girls are to keep hair clean and all styles are to be modest. Dying and highlighted hair is permitted but must be done modestly and approved by administration first. No extreme coloring or styles permitted. Administrator / Teachers reserve the right to make the judgment call. Hair must be styled or cut out of the eyes.  

Jewelry is permitted (Modesty please) Administration's discretion.


Boys must keep hair neatly cut. Longer hairstyles are permitted as long as it is kept clean and does not become distracting. However if hair is in the eyes the student will be asked to style it out of eyes or cut it. Administration's discretion.

Facial hair is permitted as long as it is neat and trimmed. Administration's discretion.

Tee shirts and athletic shorts of appropriate length or sweat pants may be worn for P.E. class and sports activities. Tennis shoes are required. Gym teachers will let you know if attire is appropriate.

Students Must pack their lunch and snacks from home. We still have microwaves available for warm ups. Be sure to use those frozen ice packs to keep all cold items at a safe temperature. HOT FOOD FRIDAYS WILL BE AVAILABLE, MENU PROVIDED

Snack time is for all grades Pre-school – 12th. The older student's will have walk breaks.

*No student will be permitted to order lunches from outside of the school nor leave to purchase lunches. (UPON APPROVAL- SENIORS MAY EARN THIS PRIVELAGE.

The school office will be open from 8:00 - 2:30. Any business transactions that involve money MUST be completed no later than 2:15.  


Tuition is figured on an annual basis. Payments are broken down into 10 monthly payments for convenience. The first payment is due August 1st, with the last payment is due May 1st.  
No reservation will be held for any child registered whose fees are not paid in full by August 1st.  
After this date, if vacancies exist, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis in grades with openings.
Parents must bring all tuition, fund raising money, or contributions directly to the office. SEE OFFICE HOURS!! Teachers will not be collecting any money in their rooms from parents or students. You may mail in your payments. We will ONLY accept checks or money orders for tuition and fees. NO CASH!!!!!!!

Mid-Valley Christian School is a ministry of Rejoicing Life Church and is therefore a non-profit religious entity and educational institution. While tuition and other stated fees are not tax deductible, all donations and contributions are tax- deductible. Contributions made by check should be made out to Mid-Valley Christian School. We depend on God moving through His people to help support His work through donations. Everyone can have a part in bringing up the next generation for Christ by supporting this ministry with offerings and prayer. Please be prompt with your fees and tuition!!! Contributions and donations are gladly accepted.

  Mid-Valley Christian School Pre-School – 12th Grade  

School tuition payable in ten monthly payments with the first payment due August 1st. Payments are due on the first of the month through the month of May. It is the responsibility of the parents to pay their child’s tuition and fees. All charges must be up to date before records will be released. If accounts are in arrears from previous years, enrollment will not be allowed until full payment has been made. Parents should contact the office immediately if they experience difficulty in meeting payments.  
Any tuition payment 30 days in arrears, will require a mandatory meeting with the administrator, to arrange for your late payments to be made by an approved date. If your account remains in arrears your child will NOT be allowed to continue enrollment at MVCS. If an emergency arises causing you to fall behind on your payments, you must call the administrator to make satisfactory payment arrangements that MUST be approved by the School Board.

There will be a $10.00 late fee for all payments 10 days late.
There will be a $30.00 fee for each returned check.


Checks and money orders Only for: “TUITION” AND “FEES” No Cash!!!

Pre-School$2,510.00 per year 10 monthly payment of $251.00  
Fees$320.00 per year Due July 1 st. Non-refundable

Kindergarten $2,510.00 per year 10 monthly payments of $251.00
Fees$400.00 per year Due July 1st .Non-refundable

Grades 1-6 $2,560.00 per year 10 monthly payments of $256.00
Fees$400.00 per year Due July 1st .Non-refundable

Grades 7 & 8$2,560 per year 10 monthly payments of $256.00
Fees  $470.00 per yearDue July 1st Non-refundable

Grades 9-12 $2,860.00 per year 10 monthly payments of $286.00
Fees$470.00 per year Due July 1st .Non-refundable

1st tuition payment due August 1, Last tuition payment due by May 1, Fees due July 1st. 
*Your child will be unable to enroll if the FEES have not been paid by July 1st .

10 % off each additional child's tuition per family, if enrolling more than one child and are full pay.
10 % off for your child's tuition, for each full paying enrolled student you refer.
$100.00 off of your child's tuition if you pay the full amount by August 1st.
$1,000 off of your child's tuition if you are an active full-time Minister.
The only discount that can be combined, is the referral discount.



MVCS is here to help parents educate and train their children for God’s glory and for the future success of the children. We never want to take or try to take the place of a parent, but want to be a help and a friend to our parents. The staff and faculty of MVCS are called of God to sacrificially minister here to provide an education second to none and a school setting that is safe, sweet, happy, secure and one where students know they are loved and parents know they are respected. Our rules are in place to help insure the success of this effort; it will keep those who do not wish to “do right” from hindering those who do want God’s best for them.

It is my goal as administrator of MVCS to help each parent and student reach their fullest potential in Christ. Anytime you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

May God greatly bless you and your family as you strive to serve and honor Him.

In Christ,

Mrs. Melissa Dailey

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500 North Second Avenue
Middleport, Ohio 45760
Phone 740-992-6249 
Fax 740-992-6249
E-Mail: midvalleychristiansmvcs@yahoo.com
Website: www.midvalleychristianschool.net
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